Zhongnan Hospital aid Kyrgyu Nuclear Acid Detection Medical Team Triumph

Zhongnan Hospital aid Kyrgyu Nuclear Acid Detection Medical Team Triumph

Zhongnan Hospital aid medical team correspondent in China South Hospital to help Jiji Nuclear acid test medical team Triumph Correspondent in Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) (Reporter Huang Tao Correspondent Gao Xiang Li Yan) At 8:20 am on April 29th, Changchun Municipal Party Committee The red flag of the square on the east side of the municipal government, applause thunderous, the five provinces’ aid medical team’s departure rituals officially started. As an important force of the Hubei aid medical team of Hubei, Zhongnan Hospital’s aid medical team. After 43 days of struggling in Changchun, Jilin, it successfully completed the help of Ji Ji Medical Mission Ping An and Triumph.

On March 17, 14 medical staff from the Inspection Department of Wuhan University Central South Hospital, pathology department, internal medicine, medical research center, judicial appraisal office, and other departments formed a helping nucleic acid test medical team. Arrive in Changchun. In order to race with time, improve the efficiency of virus testing and screening, they quickly put into the construction of the gas membrane laboratory.

On March 19, a 1500 -square -meter air membrane laboratory was completed. In the early morning of the next day, with the first batch of test samples to the laboratory, the medical team officially started working.

After more than 40 days and nights, a total of nearly 90,000 tubes were completed, covering nearly one million people. Xu Li, the leader of the aid nucleic acid testing medical team, introduced that most of the team members have participated in the 2020s of the Wuhan War and Wuhan’s national nucleic acid screening. They have considerable experience in nucleic acid testing and can ensure that the results of each test sample can be timely. ,precise.

When Ye Guangming, director of the Molecular Biology Teaching and Research Office of Zhongnan Hospital, was supported by Jilin, he was in pain and limited activities, but he still did not hesitate to take over the heavy responsibility of supporting the captain of Ji Nuclear acid test medical team.

After arriving in Changchun, Jilin, he took the lead in putting on a dense and breathable protection into the gas membrane laboratory, endured soreness around his waist, and worked for more than 8 hours in a row.

Deng Qiaoling is a "post -90s" in the inspection department. Although he has only participated in the work for 3 years, he has been an important member of the nucleic acid testing medical team in Central South Hospital. He has participated in support for resistance in Beijing, Jingmen, Xuchang and other places. After learning the task of supporting Jilin in mid -March, she took the initiative to ask.

After arriving in Jilin, Deng Qiaoling and all players overcome unfavorable conditions such as cold climate, dissatisfaction with soil and water, and irregular diet. They work in three shifts for 24 hours a day. In addition to work, Deng Qiaoling tried to prepare food and daily necessities, organize everyone to learn anti -epidemic gesture dance, and use the optimistic mental infection of young people and inspire all members of the medical team. On April 14th, Jilin Province achieved the target of zero to prevent and control the social in the emergence of the epidemic; on April 28, Changchun and Jilin gradually lifted social control and resumed the normal production and living order in an orderly manner.

"With the joint efforts of the national aid medical team, finally helped Jilin through the difficulty!" All members of the Zhongnan Hospital Aid Nuclear Acid Detection Medical Team said that Wuhan has difficulties, and the people of Jilin are in danger. The people of Jilin are also incompetent. Everyone works hard for one goal: help Jilin restore normal life as soon as possible.

On April 29, at the ceremony of the five provinces’ aid medical team from Jihuan, the leaders of Jilin Province and Changchun City awarded the Jinqi flag to the Central South Hospital aid nucleic acid testing medical team, and issued a commemorative certificate, the commemoration of the anti -epidemic, and the commemorative commemorative of the disease. Book, thank them for their hard work for the Jilin War. Under the farewell delivery of the people from all walks of life in Jilin, the Central South Hospital aid Jizhi nucleic acid testing medical team drove on the police car. The motorcycle guard arrived at Changchun Longjia International Airport and will return to Wuhan on the afternoon.

Yuanqu launched the summer social practice activity of "Youth Xingyuan Student Return to the Nest"

Yuanqu launched the summer social practice activity of "Youth Xingyuan Student Return to the Nest"

Recently, Yuanqu County launched the 2022 "Youth Xingyuan Student Returning to the Nest" to return to his hometown summer social practice activities to guide the majority of students from Yuanqu Jizhi to learn more about hometown, identify with their hometown, and serve their hometown through social practice.

Coordinate resources and broaden posts. The county planned and coordinated resources in advance, took multiple measures, set up a platform, and thoroughly arranged and guaranteed safety. As of now, a total of 55 social practice positions involved in college students’ administration, project construction, and rural revitalization. "Hometown Social Practice Placement Docking System" – "Post Publishing End" post information release work.

Strengthen publicity and strengthen strength. Use the "Yuncheng Yuanqu Youth" WeChat public account platform to publish post information to actively mobilize the return of college students to the home to participate in practical activities.

At the same time, combined with the actual and local characteristics of the practical unit, scientifically set up information promotional posts, archives finishing posts, volunteer service posts, emergency duty -defensive posts, etc., and allow college students to return to the countryside to conduct two -way choice with employers. Plan in advance to ensure practical results.

Establish a temporary group branch to implement grid management; carry out pre -post training to lay the foundation for internship training; carry out a series of activities such as volunteer services to set up a platform for returning college students; standardize the establishment of young talents in key areas Potential talents, establish "one person, one gear", and implement dynamic management. (Xue Niuniu).