Judong 上海水磨干磨价格 Olympic Championship – 文

I. Introduction to Yan Wen, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games +78 kg class champion, international health, China Judao first full full SLO, a total of 28 gold medals in world-class competitions, 52 national competition gold medals. The Judo Skull Athlete in 1956-2014 was selected by the International Judo Federation.

Born in Tianjin, February 1, 1983, the Heaven, Han nationality, 180 cm, O-type blood, and aquarius. Master of Sports University. Father Yan Jin Cheng, mother Gao Yan Min, her husband Zhang Yang, his son Zhang Guo. The National Youth League Standing Committee, the Secretary-General of the National Youth League Sports Union, the Vice Chairman of Tianjin Qinglian, the Beijing Olympic torchbearer, the 11th, the thirteenth sports meeting torchbearer.

Tianjin Weightlifting 上海新茶外卖 Wrestling Judo Boxing Taekwondo Sports Management Center Party Total Party Secretary, Director.

Take the city’s weightlifting, wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo, karate, Chinese wrestling project business management, research and development of the city’s above-mentioned project development plan; undertake professional sports team management and sports backup talents; to undertake the State Sports General Administration and the above Project competition.

Second, walk into the Judo 12 years old to start the lead, iron cake training. 13 years old began learning judo. 14 years old entered the second sports school in Tianjin. In 1996, he was selected by Tianjin Judo.

10 consecutive meetings won a national champion.

The 12th National Games Champion. Third, the career has entered the national women 长寿路为什么那么多鸡 Judo team in 2000, coach Wu Weifeng, Zhao Zhi Mountain, teammate Sun Fuming, Yuan Hua, etc.

2000 Asian Championship Women + 78kg Championship.

In 2002, there was no difference in the Women’s Camel.

2002 @ @ @ 女子 +78 kg class champion. In 2006, the National Women’s Judao Championship + 78 kg class champion, no difference-level champion, the female group champion.

In 2006, the Women’s + 78kg champion in Duha Asian Games.

2012 National Women’s Judao Championship + 78kg class champion. Retired in 2013.


Knock blackboard! The epidemic prevention and control "exclusion zone" Do not break ……

  This is reported before and after the modified nucleic acid detection screenshot comparison. After (the respondents unit for map) to verify the situation, Qingshuihe County, Wuyuan County Public Security Bureau two decisions according to law, and urge, ordered guardian strict discipline.

  Reporter’s notes: epidemic prevention and control process, the public needs timely, accurate information.

Be sure not to attract public attention and falsified fraud, once touched the bottom line of the law, the consequences could be disastrous. [ "Forbidden zone" 2], "Yan had without leaving traces"? Via epidemic in high-risk areas do not take the initiative to report via the epidemic in high-risk areas, and he appeared in the onset of symptoms, but wanted to "wild goose without leaving traces," unconscious and chances have serious consequences.

  Case: Changping District of Beijing Chen Moulin confirmed cases, Liumou Min, October 16 since Ejinaqi travel back to Beijing, Inner Mongolia sore throat, fever and other symptoms, still dining out, inviting people to home to play mahjong.

After October 19, which travel via upgraded to the risk areas, yet the two communities take the initiative to report, did not go to regular hospital for nucleic acid detection and receiving regular medical treatment, only go to pharmacies to buy their own district near the thermometer, drugs, result in playing mahjong together have more than confirmed.

  Currently, the public security organs have the criminal investigation of the two. Reporter’s notes: epidemic prevention and control is the common responsibility of the whole society, all the people involved, with all the people to join forces. There is no "bigger picture", or would like to "hide trouble," the man ultimately harm not only themselves, but also pit the others.

  [ "Forbidden zone" 3] "Temple Great Escape"? Allowed to leave the outbreak sealed off the area to the field due to the occurrence of confirmed cases, the living cell is sealed off management, but it was willing to fly over the walls, as well as "escape" out. Regrettable "Justice has long arms," ??he was eventually caught behind. Case: October 22, Changping District, Beijing, Wang Fuk Court to take management measures during the epidemic sealed off, Li Mouquan living in this place, in violation of Zhang Mourong two control provisions of the unauthorized crossing the fence area, go left sealed off the area the field, refusing to implement the closure controls epidemic control measures, resulting in the spread of the epidemic danger. Currently, the public security organs have the criminal investigation of the two. Reporter’s notes: according to the law were sealed off the district administration of the confirmed cases, is the necessary measures to avoid further spread of the epidemic. Although the "outside world is very exciting," but in the face of the epidemic or to "Wait, wait", otherwise you may want to sing "The Road Back tears."

  [ "Forbidden zone" 4] "Qian Kun Da Nuo"? Nucleic acid detection also hard to jump the queue in nucleic acid detection process, there are some "great talent" and resorted to "Qian Kun Da Nuo" in the queue jump the queue, "win" queuing ranking, but to make up lost face.

  This is to inform nucleic acid detection point due to a cut in Yuquan District in the melee leading to the site as well as the public security organs.

(Respondents provided) Case: October 24, a nucleic acid detection point Yuquan District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Shen Ping (42 years old), Yan (15 years old) and her daughter to jump the queue, waiting in line with the sampling of Liu Moujun (56), a level meter (17 years) daughter quarrel, and then beaten each other. Site police to stop immediately and trouble parties summoned to the police. 上海品茶网论坛 After investigation and evidence collection, the four people beaten wrongdoing of others.

Yuquan District, Hohhot Public Security Bureau according to law Liumou Jun, Shen Ping, were sentenced to administrative detention and a fine; on a level meters, Yan were fined.

  Reporter’s notes: Everyone comply with the order, in order to improve efficiency.

The current epidemic, should consciously safeguard social order and comply with the relevant laws and regulations and epidemic prevention work, not fight, jump the queue is distasteful.

  [ "Forbidden zone" 5] "paralysis and confused"? Epidemic prevention of non-compliance does not perform "key sites of key units focus groups new crown pneumonia epidemic normalization prevention and control related protection 上海休闲油压会所 guidelines" national health health committee released for health monitoring, to further strengthen the requirements vaccination, nucleic acid detection, cleaning and disinfection and emergency response measures , but the performer once careless, often will "lose a large tip hole gust of wind." Case: July 30, Mianyang City, Sichuan, a hotel staff Moumou during the work, knowing that Lee passengers from the field, with a certain risk prevention, yet the implementation of epidemic prevention and control regulations, did not allow Lee to produce health code and code scanning place, then go through the check-in.

  The matter was found in the relevant inspection, Lee conducted a focus on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of medical isolation, Moumou public security organs in 魔都桑拿论坛 administrative detention. Reporter’s notes: prevention and control measures and all must abide by and implement, does not allow for luck, neither careless nor sleepwalk. Keep in mind quarantine requirements, and implement all security measures, always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control. (Esther Liu, Wang Chunyan).


Jilin: Tax reduction is "Ji" speed development energy storage

In recent years, the tax reduction and tax reduction policy has continued to release deeply to deeply, and the deepening of tax reduction and deducting results is continuously displayed. The Tax Department of Jilin Province actively places the "barometer" role of taxes, implementing the decline in tax reduction and tax reduction policy, release tax-benefiting incentives, let taxes "spring breeze" stimulate "Ji" speed development, full escort "six stable" "six Save".

– Tax concessions stimulating 上海浦东按摩可吹 enterprise development potential under the prevention and control of epidemic situation, Jilin Taxation Department actively implements various tax-fee preferential policies, help local characteristic industrial chains, replenishment, and add rapid resumption of local economy Power.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, Mid-Truck Changchun Track Bus Co., Ltd. is affected by factors of external supply shortages, international logistics blocking, supply chain connection, etc. Faced with fund turnover, follow-up penalty, reputation loss, etc., only 6% of sales revenue in the first quarter of this year. After the situation, the Changchun City Taxation Bureau’s Green Park Taxation Bureau started the package insured liaison service mechanism will support the financial and tax policy of enterprises to recover 上海哪里有桑拿按摩会所 the resumption of production, and the financial personnel of the enterprise will be quickly communicated to the enterprise financial officers, and through remote guidance, online taxation. "Non-contact" tax, while adopting a one-on-one assistant consultation, significantly shortening the time of export tax refund time, helping companies to relieve funding, boost export business, and reduce costs. Wang Feng, Chairman of China Changchun Rail Bus Co., Ltd., said: "In 2020, we enjoyed all types of tax benefits to exceed 100 million yuan, of which the R & D fees were deducted to reach billions of tax treasures.

After further counseling of the tax authorities, in August 2021, we took a total of tax-selling billions, including R & D expenses and deduction policies to reduce tax billions, effectively alleviating the pressure on all aspects of the enterprise in the background.

"-" Real Gold Silver "stimulates innovation, in recent years, in the development of the taxation policy promotion, the Jilin tax department actively interprets the company’s tax-related demand, fully understand the business situation, and has a targeted policy Propaganda and training, encourage companies to continue "plus code" research and development, and help Jilin manufacturing industry to make great strength.

"In 2020, enterprises enjoy research and development cost plus deduction of 40.2 million yuan, reduce corporate income tax nearly 600,000 yuan, and 2021 expected to increase research and development costs nearly 40 million yuan, reduce corporate income tax more than 6 million yuan." Li Gang, head of the company For a bill, he said, "This saves tax, let us have more liquidity to increase product development, produce more better food for consumers.

"Benefits of the tax preferential policy of the R & D expenses and deduction, and the food brewing Co., Ltd. has been investing in the construction of advanced product R & D and technical inspection and testing centers, with 8 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, In November 2020, the "High-tech Enterprise" was awarded with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The tax department has solidly carried out special actions of "Spring Rain Run", focusing on implementing a small micro enterprise tax and fee preferential policy, for small and micro enterprises to send policies, excellent experience, help growth, and boost market subject development confidence.

The decision of the tax rate, while mitigating the burden of enterprise, increasing the flexibility of corporate funds, further enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise market.

"This taxi ‘spring rain" is simply a time in the rain! Enterprises have enjoyed the reduction of approximately 5.23 million in the establishment of the company, which provides great support for our business development! " The Help Small and Micro Enterprise Development of the City Taxation Bureau develops the "drip feeding" propaganda counseling symposium, and Wang Xiaodong, the financial person in charge of the White City, Swiss Auto Parts Co., Ltd., was pleased.

The State Administration of Taxation Bai City Taxation Bureau surrounded "I have a practical thing for the taxpayer", focus on the development of small and micro enterprises, difficult to point, block points, special support for SMEs in the jurisdiction, constantly stimulating market main vitality, efforts Small micro "rapid growth, encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to develop to" new special new ". Next, the Tax Department of Jilin Province will continue to actively launch more convenient, fast hard measures, continuously optimize tax business environment, sing tax payment, people’s good voice, struggle to write Northeast Zhenxing 上海同城对对碰 "Jilin Answer", in order to promote the high quality of Jilin economy Development contribution wisdom and strength.

(Editor: Li Siwei, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Jinhua Customs Experience and Apartment E-commerce package exceeds 1.2 million

  In these days, Jinhua Jinliji District Bonded Warehouse is busy, and cross-border goods from all over the world are from here to consumers.

"On November 1 this year, the day is 600,000 orders, an increase of 20% over last year." Jinhua Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Public Affairs Relationship Director Blue Xia said, thank the customs to deal with cross-border declaration and bayonet outlet business .

  "This year ‘Double 11’ is carried out in two phases, November 1st to November 3th is the first peak, the order quantity accounts for more than half of the ‘Double 11’ order, this is a test for customs clearance efficiency .

"Jinhua Customs 上海顶级男士保健spa Bonded Second Scientific Wen Guang said. To address" Double 11 ", Customs will carry out business operation pressure testing and network switching emergency drills to ensure smooth operation of intelligent bayonets; the peak period is 24 hours payment, strengthening real-time Communication, guarantee the problem in time; the goods need to be investigated, that is, check, make sure the package zero backlog, customs clearance; at the same time for this year’s epidemic situation, strengthen epidemic prevention and control supervision and personnel training, strict Implement the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic to ensure the safety of production.

  According to statistics, from November 1st to November 3, Jinhua Customs accumulates more than 1.2 million packages and other packages and other packages, and it is expected that the entire "Double 11" total will reach 2 million. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing 上海油压论坛推荐 let more people see recommendation reading.


Kantong: There is a temperature in isolation service

After receiving the mission of receiving the black river isolation, Ke Dong County attaches great importance to the scientific overall management, the main leaders of the party and government, coordinated the joint command, the relevant departments, the development of the program, refine the transfer, stay, manage the various processes, and the establishment The head of the county magistrate, the executive deputy magistrate, the deputy head of the deputy head, according to the isolation point "five-in-one" package protection requirements, the responsibility system, clearly each hotel has a county leader package, a front unit unit Cooperate.

In order to ensure the 松江大学城找服务 smooth resettlement of the Heihe Transit, four of the 8 centralized isolation points in the county will select the centralized isolation point of Heihe transporters, cooperation between the division of the department, and quickly complete the cleanup setting work of the isolation point, and simulate the simulation in a practical form. , Refine the list of definite lists, verify information, vehicles, guide the transfer, receive personnel, arrange check-in, vehicles return to 7 specific transfer processes, and go all out to do the isolation transfer. Kandong County conducted a full-time staff of the first-line staff of the stationary point, and strive to take professional dedicated services to let the isolation will feel warm.

Local companies also sent liquid milk, fresh food corn and other materials 上海贵族宝贝 (editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) sharing to let more people see recommendation reading.


Junior heart 砥 天 天地 (Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Learning Q & A (12))

  23. Why do you say that great dreams must be a great struggle, build a 上海闵行桑拿洗浴会所 great project, promote great career? The Taishan half waist has a flat way called "Happy Sanli", some people climb, I like to stop.

However, picking people generally don’t stay here, because the rest time is long, the leg will be "lazy", and then "Eighth Eighteen" is more difficult. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, although we have become higher, it has become great achievements, but it will never be proud of victory, and never slack off because of its achievements.

Barry is only half of 90. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is never easier. It is necessary to pay more arduous and hard work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that achieving great dreams must carry out great struggles, build a great project, and promote 上海宝山附近油压群 great careers. Great dreams must be achieved. Society is moving forward in contradictory sports, there will be struggles.

The process of achieving great dreams is full of contradictions and struggles. At present, the world’s major changes have accelerated, and the global turmoil and risk points are increased. The external environment is complicated; my country is facing major risk challenges in the fields of politics, ideology, economy, science and technology, society, and party building. "It seems that it is very common, it is easy to be hard." The more close to the national revival, the more it is full, the more risky challenges and even the waves. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that there are a variety of "blocking roads", "stumbling foot" on the road, and the major struggles face will not be less.

It is necessary to fully understand the long-term, complexity, arduousness of this great struggle, go to the major struggle to go to the real gun, the main knife, the direction of struggle, carry forward the struggle, and strengthen the struggle, and continue to capture the new victory of great struggles.

To achieve great dreams, we must build a great project. This great project is our new great project we are in depth.

History has also continued to prove that no leadership of the Communist Party of China, the national rejuvenation is inevitable. Our party must always become a pioneer, national spine, and always become a Marxist ruling party, it must always be too hard. To be more consciously determined to firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly and face the problem, dare to scrape the bones, eliminate all the factors that harm the party’s advanced nature and pureness, and remove the virus that erodes the healthy body of the party, so that our party is getting more mature, The less pure, more powerful, more and more combat. To achieve great dreams, you must advance great careers. This great cause is to persist and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental achievements of the party and the people, paying great consideration, adhering to the socialism with Chinese characteristics is the inevitable choice for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The socialist road with Chinese characteristics is the only way to achieve socialist modernization. The theoretical system of socialism with the people’s better life is the correct theory of the Chinese nationality to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation. The socialist system of Chinese characteristics is the fundamental of contemporary China’s development. System guarantee, socialist culture with Chinese characteristics is a powerful spiritual force that encourages people of all ethnic groups in the whole country.

We must always hold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, more consciously enhance the socialist road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, system confidence, cultural self-confidence, unremitting exploration and grasp the law of socialism with Chinese characteristics, maintain political force, and adhere to the hard-working state , Achieve great dreams with great careers. Netizens 微 微 中国 伟 is a strong epic, there is a high-risk note, the melody of the intestines, the plot of the world, you and I am witness, the drama.

There is no golden age of it. Waiting for the future, struggle is happy! Great dreams and great struggles, great projects, great career is a close contact, mutual penetration, interaction, organic unity.

Great dreams indicate the direction, great struggle to create a new bureau, the great project provides guarantee, great career cohesive force, and the decisive role is a new great project for the new era. In the new era, we must insist on leading the social revolution with the self-revolution, putting the great dreams and great struggles, great projects, and great careers, combining, grasping, synergies.

Great dreams are not waiting, shouting, but spelling out, doing out. The reason why the river can rush away, because it has accumulated thousands of miles, and there are thousands of floods. In the long history of history, the powerful energy accumulated in the Chinese people and the Chinese nation has been fully explosing, providing an unstoppable magnificent power for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The trend of history is rolling forward. Under the strong leadership of the party, we must actively engage in the great struggle, build a great project, promote the great cause, and achieve great dreams, with a strong confidence, only The strength, the perseverance, and brave the tide, pioneering and enterprising, so that the national revival of the dawn illuminates the beauty of the Chinese people.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must be achieved and must be realized.


Keeping the wonderful moments of comrades, this is the initial heart he chooses when it is reported

"Bing Journalist" November 8th is China Journalist. In the grassroots troops, there is such a group of warriors, they or charges in the forefront of the training field, or shuttle in all corners of the camp, but their weapons are more than just steel guns, artillery, and camera, computer, and normal bright night lamps – – They are the backbone of grassroots news public opinion known as "military reporters". There is no official "title" of the journalist, but in the completion of the work, I have tasted the journalist’s sweetness.

They use words and lens to set out in an instant, leaving unforgettable memories for the military careers of many comrades.

– Editor’s Wars Milking Month ■ Wang Guodong [Character Business Card] Xu Chengcheng, Air Force A Training Base Department, 2020 was rated as "Four" Excellent Soldiers.

Badain Jilin Desert, a round of round moon sprinkled with the light. At midnight zero, the north wind whistling, the Air Force’s trial base, Xu Chengcheng, couldn’t help but hit a cold battle, and indent the neck into the camouflage. In a few minutes, the flight is about to begin.

At this moment, he fixed tripod, the line of sight passes through the viewfinder, and the runway is not far away.

Two hours ago, Xu Chengcheng followed the task vehicle entry. The air is filled with the smell of the oil, and Xu Chengcheng feels that he seems to be a battlefield that is filled with smoke. On the ground, the war is mighty, the wing flashes the silver light under the moonlight.

Machine officers and soldiers or standing on the ladder, or in the airfoil, the light of the flashlight is started, and the final "medical examination" before the fighter is made, and all kinds of guaranteed vehicles will go back and forth, and the light and shadow will be mixed. Training roll.

In order to better record the moving moments when the official officers and soldiers work, Xu Chengcheng rushed to the cold wind and rushed between a fighter, adjusted the parameters, composition, press the freezed finger to press the shutter … Zero With the tower of the tower, the war is vacated, the huge roar breaks the silence of the late night, the airplane sailing light and the helper light weavighed in the night.

When I was squatting, the number fighters sprayed the tail flames and broke the night sky, and they scored a beautiful arc. Xu Chengcheng quickly adjusts the aperture and focal length, high-speed continuous shooting, and the bright moon is full, the wooker 松江大学城300一次 is full.

In the morning, accompanied by a bit of starlight, the huge roar sounded again, the fighter reduction height, landing, deceleration, oriented umbrella … A series of actions clean. As the last fighter is steadily landing, a cross-year training is successfully completed. When I returned to the camp, Xu Chengcheng wants to set a title for each photo.

"This photo is called the ‘Battle Eagle Moon’!" The comrades around me pointed to the photo of the Mingyue and the Battle Eagle.

Xu Chengcheng has some computer screen that is staring at the eyes – the war, chasing the moon, and he has been chasing his dreams. Although I have been unfortunately, I have been unfortunately flying, but that morning, when Xu Cheng became the first time to board the transportation machine, his heart 上海长宁会所 was deeply attracted by the blue sky outside the window, the white clouds and the splendid charter were deeply attracted. " The blue sky dream "is illuminated. He raised his camera and welcomed the sunny sunshine in the camera, photographed the magnificent scene overlooking the mountain river. From then on, as Xu Chengcheng, as a team of team, each task applied for the whole process, with the lens focusing on the first line, record the hot feelings of the comrades to prepare for the war. Every time he shook a photo on the team’s electronic screen, the comrades will come over and look for their own figure on the screen. "Soon! It turned out that I was so handsome when I was working!" "" Cheng Cheng, give me a close writing, I want to edit a photo! "" This photo can do mobile phone wallpaper, 上海耍耍网114 I want HD original map … "Time flows, Xu Chengcheng has more and more photos in the camera, he is also more and more love here – blue sky, the war, the eagle and this inexperienced gobi. "Good picture has vitality, there is a communication force, more combat, I want to keep these wonderful moments, this is what I choose to be a reporter.

"When this sentence, Xu Chengcheng’s eyes flashed.


Kaiyang County launched 2021 premature safety inspections

According to Keiyang County People’s Government Network News: Recently, Kaiyang County Flood Control Headquarters fully launched 2021 pre-safety inspections. According to the division of responsibilities, the Command will organize the township (town, street), County Water Affairs Bureau, County Emergency Bureau, County Natural Resources Bureau, County Compilation Bureau and other departments in accordance with the "Opinions of Guizhou Provincial Flood 逍遥网论坛上海品茶 Control Inspection" and the Flood Control of the Industry Carry out the safety inspection of 1 month before he.

The inspection according to the principles of the local management, departmental supervision and grading department, the inspection and self-examination, inspection and supervision, inspection and rectification, requires the township (town, street), relevant departments to attach great importance to it, clear responsibility Develop a work plan, according to the industry-related procedures specifications, the inspection is inspected, and it is comprehensive and thoroughly thoroughly, does not leave the dead angle, does not leave the risks, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and natural disasters.

Up to now, the County Water Affairs Bureau jointly established the Dongfeng, the 7th 上海水磨休闲中心 reservoir, the 7th reservoir, the 7th reservoir of the gate, the soil, and Xinqiao, and found 2 safety hazards. In response to the hidden dangers, the County Water Affairs Bureau has developed the corresponding rectification plan and the current problem is being rectified.

Next, the County Flood Control Headquarters will supervise the implementation of the safety inspection work in various responsible units and sectors, and take out the relevant units, key projects, key areas and hidden dangers to ensure the effectiveness of safety inspections before the flood.

(Huang Wei) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).


Jinjiang Post Administration held a training and collective discipline of the postal express industry epidemic prevention and control

In order to further enhance the overall business level and ability to prevent and control the overall business of the industry, build the epidemic prevention and control safety line. Recently, Jinjiang Post Administration invited experts from Jinjiang City CDC to carry out epidemic prevention and control business training, organized in the Jin Express brand part Nearly 30 ginseng members of the central person in charge and network management.

At the training session, experts Chen Wenyang, experts from Jinjiang 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 City, focused on recent epidemic prevention and control situations, and interpret industry weak links and related prevention and control initiatives, especially from personnel protection, mail express mail, three aspects of environmental murder Propose prevention and control management recommendations.

After the meeting, Chen Wenyang conducted a list of problems and questions from the company.

Participants have said that this training has a very strong guiding significance for the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in the next stage.

On the same day, the Jinjiang Post Administration held a collection of collective discussions. Notice of the special supervision and inspection of the exhibition of the Jinjiang City of Jinjiang City on November 15th, requiring the various 上海油压398飞机 companies to implement the fall and reform according to the list of questions, ensuring rectification In place. Xujiashan, director of Jinjiang Postal Administration, emphasized that the idea is in place. Enterprises must attach great importance to the prevention and control of epidemic, improve ideological understanding, build a bottom line thinking, and strictly prevent a lax. Second, the key links are in place. Enterprises must focus on the prevention and control of outlook on personnel, vehicles, places, email express mail, etc., which are seriously rectified against the inspected problems, strictly prevent death, minimize viruses through mail express mail and job The risk of people spread. The third is that the responsibility is implemented. Participants of each enterprise should promptly communicate the spirit of the conference to the main person in charge, and immediately carry out special education training and supervision, and decompose responsibility and task to every position and personnel, always maintain the efficient operation of the epidemic prevention and control emergency mechanism.

In the next stage, the Jinjiang Post Administration will continue to tighten the ideological understanding, strictly urge the company to implement the subject’s responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control, and the joint government departments seriously investigate the postal express delivery enterprises that are not in place in the prevention and control measures, continue to pay attention to the situation of the epidemic prevention and control situation, and fully guarantee The delivery channel is safe and smooth. (Lin Baoying) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.


Junior High School, Guji Town, Hyzhang County: "Double Reduction" exhibition style

A few days ago, the reporter learned in the Junji Town Junior Middle School in Hezhang County to implement the "Double Reduction" policy, and promote the implementation of "double mining" work, effectively alleviate the student’s assessment, so that students really grow up healthily in post-class activities. Guji Town Junior Middle School actively explored the concept of "Wuxi, integration with education", with the "One Twelve Nine" Games as an opportunity, successfully held the 28th Winter Games and "Please rest assured 最新上海鸡微信群 that I have a strong country" poetry reading Contest theme activity.

It is reported that the sports meeting and poetry recitment theme activities have been three days, with 10 personal projects, 6 collective projects.

"In the poetry reading, the classmates are an impassioned" Please rest assured that the country has me ", let all teachers and students boil. The teenager is strong, the country is strong, the junior progress, then the country progress, this is not only a recital competition, more It is a commitment to the motherland. I believe they will contribute their own strength to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

"The head of the school said.

In various sports games, athletes played their strength in the competition, the 杨浦洗浴 competition has come out, and the style is played.

I saw that the teachers’ shouts were high, and the students of the classmates were high, and the classmates who did not participate in the game were not idle. Everyone did not do the same pale team for their class, full of face, red land for athletes Help, shout, laughter is endless. The students of the whole school are full, and the athletes are tenaciously struggled on the ground. Under the coordination and cooperation of various departments, the 28th Winter Games of Junji Town and "Requests the Party Reassured" The theme of the Poetry Reading Competition is successfully completed. "This event fully demonstrates the good sports morality of the teacher and students of the ancient base, and practically practice the purpose of educating people under the aish爱上海同城 work of ‘double reduction’. I hope that all classmates will be moral, intelligent, body, beauty, and labor. At the same time, we must establish patriotic feelings. We believe that under our party’s correct leadership, tomorrow will be more beautiful. "After the event, the school principal has summed up and organizes the classmates and classes who have achieved excellent results in activities. .

(Wang Xianguo Guizhou Daily Tianyue Journalist Wang Xing) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.