Wisdom collides! Canal expert scholar meet Yancheng, the Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction Zhiku Summit

Wisdom collides! Canal expert scholar meet Yancheng, the Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction Zhiku Summit

Modern Express News Jiangsu is the birthplace of China’s Grand Canal, but also the provinces that flow through the longest and cultural and innistries.

How to better excavate the canal culture, talk about the canal story, promote the creative transformation of the Grand Canal culture and innovation development? On November 5, the 3rd Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction Zhiku Summit was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu.

Expertists in the provinces and cities along the Grand Canal come to the intelligence collision. Xia Jinwen: Zhiku Summit Givergent Research Force The 3rd Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction Zhiku Summit is guided by the Jiangsu Provincial University of Cultural Belt Construction Work Group Office, hosted by the Salt City People’s Government and the Grand Canal Cultural Zone Construction Institute. Why is the summit held in Yancheng? Xia Jinwen, secretary, dean, president of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said that Yancheng has said that Yancheng has been an important transportation node of linkage between the large canal and ocean since ancient times. Cultural heavy town. Yancheng’s skewer river is not only connected to ancient ancient salt field, but also the witnesses of historical changes in the eastern part of the north, carrying the historical heritage of Northern Millennium Water Conservancy and Thick Sea Salt Culture. "Salt City’s salt canal system radiation is far-reaching, which not only promotes the development of regional towns, but also promotes the prosperity of cities along the Grand Canal.

The rise and development of Huainan salt industry centered on Yancheng provides a strong economic support for many towns in Suzhong.

"△" Department of Secretary, Dean, Party Committee, Dean, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Summer Chairman, Zhutu, Zhicuko Summit in Yancheng, in Yancheng, is the 3rd Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction Zhiku Summit aimed at gathering research power, and how Use the Great Canal Culture to promote the countermeasures and ideas of economic and social development.

"To this end, we invited experts scholars from various provinces and cities along the Grand Canal to listen to their wisdom suggestions and discuss the innovation path of economic and social development in the regional economic and social development of the Grand Canal Culture.

"In order to make the experts, scholars fully exchanged, explore the true knowledge of the construction of the Grand Canal culture, this summit uses a variety of formal academic dialogues, enhances the understanding of the experts, reaching consensus. He Yunyu: in Jiangsu, Grand Canal Not a "one line" but "a network" June 3 this year, the leading group of the Jiangsu Cultural Belt Construction Work Leading Group held a plenary meeting to consider the "14th Five-Year Plan", Jiangsu Province Cultural Belt and National Cultural Park Period work ideas and work points in 2021 ", the Yancheng and Lianyungang are included in the Jiangsu Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction System. Incorporate Yancheng and Lianyungang into Jiangsu Grand Canal Cultural Zone Construction" Friend Circle ", behind Nanjing University Cultural and Natural Heritage Institute Long, professor, doctoral tutor He Yunxuan’s promotion. △ Director, professor, professor, doctoral tutor He Yunyao, director, professor, doctoral tutor He Yunyao, has conducted a nearly one year of research on Yancheng’s Canal culture.

The summit, He Yun Ao came specially to do a "Grand Canal as a cultural city with the construction of the importance of Yancheng" theme of the report.

He said cloud Ao, combined with field trips 2019 to 2020, the study found: previously due to the far edge of the Grand Canal, the main body is considered weak association Yancheng City, in the historical roots of the rise and development of the Grand Canal have made indelible the outstanding contributions, in fact, a pillar of salt large urban and regional cultures of the canal.

"Grand Canal tributaries old Tongyang canal dug almost simultaneously Taidong canal, effectively accelerate Huaiyan Cargo and promote the development of institutionalized Chuanchang River salt controller of the Grand Canal, the Grand Canal from salt to shaobo straight at Xinghua Shao River, as well as communication with the Grand Canal city of Yancheng, Huai’an ancient jianhe (the ancient Games salt River) …… "He Yun Ao said that in Yancheng, there are at least four important river Yan Yun, along with their natural river in Yancheng the formation of dense water network. between the main road and the Grand Canal

Such a high density of salt transport water throughout Jiangsu are very rare.

"In Jiangsu, the Grand Canal is not just ‘a line’, but is connected the province’s 13 prefecture-level city ‘a net’." He said cloud Ao, Grand Canal Extension extraordinary river of the great cultural significance with the construction of the canal, the Grand Canal dredge the river and prosperity without the support of regional towns and cities and industries along. Yan Yun, represented by the river as an important branch of the river, with Tongyang Canal and Taidong Canal, River Chuanchang objective is not only to extend the Grand Canal water network, water network is the Grand Canal in ancient China as "Goldmine" is located deep power source. Yumin Hui: Grand Canal Cultural Resources in Yangtze River Delta to "bead chain" of Huaibei Normal University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Yumin Hui do "Reflection on Problems of construction of the Yangtze River Delta Grand Canal and cultural integration" theme of the report.

△ Huaibei Normal University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Yumin Hui Yumin Hui said, "the three provinces and one city," Whether it is carrying the remains of the Grand Canal culture, flow associated culture, regional cultural heritage, cultural or historical concise, it is colorful and unique. In order to promote the protection of the Yangtze River Delta Grand Canal city linkage, joint heritage, the use of joint, must be integrated on the Grand Canal cultural resources, cultural resources beads into a chain of big canals Yangtze River Delta, the lines and surfaces, and thus multi-angle, all-round display Sui and Tang Grand Canal, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, eastern Zhejiang Canal heavy cultural heritage, remarkable historical achievements and far-reaching historical impact. Lu Yuqin: Yancheng salt shipped out by the Grand Canal Grand Canal with the Yancheng Institute of Cultural Construction Branch, executive vice president, Professor Lu Yuqin do "Lianghuai Salt and Grand Canal," the theme of the report. "Yancheng near the Yellow Sea, rich in sea salt production, salt production center is famous Lianghuai salt area.

"Lu Yuqin said, Ming and Qing Dynasties, you can clearly see the dominant position in Yancheng Huai salt production.

Junji four years fixed Huainan salt production accounted Lianghuai% of the total, Junji thirteen years statistics Huainan occupy% …… △ cultural construction of the Grand Canal with a branch of Yancheng Institute executive vice president, Professor Lu Yuqin "It is based on salt production in Yancheng reason, since ancient times and its Canal a close relationship. "Lu Yuqin said, Yancheng salt Sinotrans, either by means of a transverse lower river area waterways to reach the dam Gaoyou disc into the Grand Canal, south of Yizheng Chujiang, or is it by Chuanchang River, salt River east of Taiwan transportation, transportation salt and total river (Canal Road branch), Grand Canal (river meter section) Chujiang, the Grand Canal has always been one of the important river. It is by means of the Grand Canal, river, Yancheng salt-rich producing resources were able to be shipped out to meet daily consumption needs of hundreds of millions of people, countries need to meet the demand for Salt finances.

Mu Jialiang: Jiangsu Huai salt form richest cultural sites nationwide "Huai salt across the Huaihe River in Jiangsu saltworks due to its name, the history of the Huainan, Huaibei salt production place of salt called Huai salt, salt Huai Yancheng is important birthplace." In the afternoon part of the sub-forum, vice president of China Society of cultural relics salt Heritage professional Committee, vice chairman of China Business history Association professional Committee of the history of salt Mu Jialiang made a "research and development Huaiyan great cultural heritage protection with background Canal" Report. Mu Jialiang said Huaiyan cultural heritage is thousands of years people has formed and accumulated heritage of cultural heritage in the Huai salt production, transportation, sale and use.

△ vice president of China Society of Cultural Relics Salt Heritage Professional Committee, vice chairman of China Business History Society of Professional Committee of the History of Salt Mu Jialiang in the long process of historical development, two Huai salt area left a large number of distinctive features, content rich cultural heritage of salt.

The study found that today’s Huaiyan cultural sites of the country is the most abundant form. Such as: Yizheng Wei Liang Huai Salt twelve total stack ruins, Nantong three saltworks ruins, Taizhou Tai Yan Yun dam site, Taian East Yan Yun Feng town ruins, Xiangshui Chen Hong Kong gossip beach ancient ruins salt transport, Lianyungang City, Tainan, Taipei Xu Wei saltworks irrigation and other Western and ancient Warring States Ganyu Garam ruins, town under Huai River, Huai Yan Yun West Dam site, Xuzhou yaowan salt town shops and other sites.

The face of numerous cultural heritage Huai salt, Mu Jialiang suggestions, we can focus on building salt production, salt transport and other museums, excavation historical and cultural value, enhance scenic and cultural heritage. Modern Express + / ZAKER Nanjing reporter Jie Hu Meilv Faye (This picture by the Sun Shulin Wang Yongjun Chouai Wu Chen Xiashe) related recommendation.