Yunnan Baoshan strengthen the management of medical and health institutions disinfection

Yunnan Baoshan strengthen the management of medical and health institutions disinfection

To further regulate sewage disposal of medical and health institutions, effective prevention of infectious diseases incidence and prevalence of maintaining good ecological environment.

Recently, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, Wei Jian Commission supervision and law enforcement bureau combined with the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and the central environmental inspectors issue corrective feedback, take three measures to increase medical institutions sewage treatment supervision and law enforcement, and achieved good results.

Use permit approval, calibration and other means of sewage disposal into the medical institutions to provide standard conditions. For new or rebuilt and expanded medical facilities, sewage treatment system with the main project design, simultaneous construction, will be in place, or non-acceptance or approval by not acceptance; on historical issues, strengthen supervision, deadline to install sewage treatment system, non-compliance, not to check. Currently, the city’s more than 165 20-bed medical and health institutions to complete the construction of sewage treatment systems.

Strengthen the daily supervision, to ensure the normal operation of hospital sewage treatment system.

Sewage disposal to focus on increasing the frequency of inspection should focus on examination of disinfectants purchase cable cards, usage (administration record), equipment operation and active monitoring. Supervise medical institutions to implement the main responsibility, to strengthen the operation and management of the sewage treatment system, sewage increased self-test or inspection efforts to ensure the discharge standards.

Regularly carry out special supervision and sampling, and severely punish medical institutions sewage disposal irregularities. On municipal pipe 17 health units and Baoshan dam East Coast 7 township hospitals medical waste (including community health centers) are generated by sampling a total of 26 points of 52 sewage treatment hospital sewage samples sampling detection,% pass rate for unqualified medical and health institutions in time to be a criminal investigation, supervision and rectification.

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