Taiwan Census Management: There are hidden behind the convenient (the two sides focus)

Taiwan Census Management: There are hidden behind the convenient (the two sides focus)

  Recently, Taiwan’s internal affairs department for the open call for a new generation resident ID card design. According to the plan, a new generation of identity cards will use the chip card to replace paper cards ID cards used for many years, the people of Taiwan caused heated debate. Taiwan authorities renewal chip ID card program has been brewing for years, but not before been wasted in a variety of doubts and controversy.

Some people worry that Taiwan’s current Census Management approach is to implement years of paper ID card fit, once the chip ID card renewal, you may want to move "major surgery" on Census Management way people have become accustomed. Matters much, increasing the volume of business May 21, the new Taipei Panchiao District Household Registration Office is particularly lively, take a number machine in front of the team has been extended to the side of the road.

"These are today to register the marriage," the young Household Registration Office director Lu Bilan explained, pointing to the queue.

It turned out that the annual May 20 is the young people in Taiwan favorite wedding date, but this year’s May 20 falls on Sunday, many young people only choose to register the marriage at 21.

  Chen Sixin, who lives in New Taipei City Banqiao District is this time last year with Mr registration of marriage here, and this time she is with a newborn daughter to do the birth registration.

"Waiting time may be a bit long, but basically do not need to run again other place.

"Chen Sixin said that last year Mr. married to the new settlers from the north of Taipei, only identity cards and marital status on the census data to be changed, but also to apply for a new household registration, permanent address change, involves many departments, but only she and Mr. a trip to the household registration Office will have been solved. "give these young people do have a lot of things, in addition to the registration of marriage and collar plus new household registration identity card, to inform the tax authorities, the insurance sector, health, Welfare department, census data change procedures for the power company, water company and other units to be here in my office. "Lu Bilan said they would in the case of residents of the residents to agree to changes in data or information relating to business application submitted to the relevant departments, and they are to handle, eliminating the need for residents to run around and then other departments formalities.

New Taipei City is an early implementation of census data communications across Organs, 2016, Taiwan’s internal affairs departments to develop "census data movement operations across agency service points bulletin" to carry out business across the Taiwan authorities informed. "Cross-organ Matters uniform provisions are 13 city and county will add additional notification service according to their own circumstances." Lu Bilan said that, like Chen Sixin this time to basically formalities can be completed once, wherein the infant health insurance application Taiwan is communicated to the uniform requirements for health, Welfare department, but women of childbearing incentive, children’s library card application are matters for information on their own under the new Taipei City. "Municipal departments every three months, once a coordination meeting to study the current notification system has no room for improvement, but the overall trend is that our business is growing.

"Lu Bilan laughs, now cross-organs reported half of their business volume, the work pressure is getting bigger and bigger, but the people who have not increased in the slogan of" streamlined institutions ", and the human hand is lost to compare. Anxiety problem.

  The fence that tightly manages the residents and death information in recent years, the report is earlier. The Taiwan’s internal affairs department has developed "born data network notification operations in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Points "and" Death Measures for Death ". Chen Sin probably didn’t know that after a week of birth, the household government has already mastered the details from the health department. If she has not been registered for her daughter within 60 days, she will receive a call from the household.

  "The situation of birth registration is actually relatively simple. Most parents will register for children as soon as possible to handle health insurance as soon as possible, but death registration is relatively complicated." Lu Bilan recalls that death management is relatively confusing before 2006, some people have died Have a long time, the household registration is registered "dead"; some have no death, but it is registered as "death".

  "After the death of residents, the fastest month can receive the death information passed by the departments." Lu Bilan introduced, in accordance with the current job regulations, if there is no special circumstances, the applicant should prepare the information to apply for death registration within 30 days. "If the invoice is not fruitful, the household registration will be directly registered directly according to death data." In addition, the household department will regularly check the population operations every year. "For example, every year from May 1 to June 30th, we will listed the old people who have been in the age of 80 in the jurisdiction, and the records recorded as a check-in object, and take the initiative to verify that the elderly is still in the world.

"The secretary of the Taipei Daxian District Household Office, said that the elderly is the main claimant of various social insurance, establish a strict death registration system, which is not only conducive to population management, but also reduces social insurance spending.

"From the date of death from the elderly, social security will immediately stop issuing.

Even if there is a portion where the data is delayed, it will also be recovered. "Qiu Shirong said. Double problems of digital and self-funded benefits have benefited from the Internet’s popularity and notification mechanism, Taiwan residents’ personal information can be opened between different departments, and the interconnection interconnection in the household government system is even more, most households Political services can be handled in different places. Although the people who can do things are reluctant to rush, but also exacerbate the concerns of the people to personal information security. In 2015, the owner of the new bamboo county households It is, many times with a price of 1,000 yuan (new Taiwan coin, the same below), to sell residents’ registration information to real estate intermediary, and triggering social intense attention.

At the end of the year, the Taiwan legislature revised a number of laws of "Personal Information Protection Law", and the privileges of public officials were contained in the personal data of the residents were strictly limited, and the punishment of illegal tuning and utilization was added. "If public officials disclose people’s profile, it can be fined 200 million yuan, which is also the high-voltage line we refactively emphasize.

"Lu Biland introduces, in order to prevent personal data leaks, strict management measures have been taken all localities. Taking the Banqiao Household Administration as an example, staff must use their own independent accounts and keys to access the data system; each group is responsible Every day, the visit is subject to an audit and discovers the suspiciousness to verify; the work computer is strictly forbidden to insert an external storage device to prevent virus intrusion … In strict program control, the household system has a fresh disclosure incident in the past two years. Frequently transmitted from scams for fake or stealing the identity information of the residents’ identity information. In May this year, there were news reports, and 2 foreign illegal labor held a forged ID card working in Taiwan, and was discovered after half a year.

They purchased a fake ID card from the fraud group, and the degree of simulation was surprised, and it triggered a general concern.

  "The current resident ID card is still mainly identified by the naked eye, and it has brought difficulty to prevent counterfeiting.

Qiu Shirong said that she took out her own ID from the wallet. It is a plastic paper card document, the front is printed with the basic information of the name, gender, birth year and month, and the photo, the back is parents, spouses. Name and birthplace, household registration.

"The information on the ID card is very detailed. It is to save some troubles that prove the relationship of relatives, but also expose a lot of personal information, increase the risk of being deceived." Qiu Shirong said that the anti-counterfeiting technique taken by the paper card ID is comparable to banknotes. However, it is still not as good as the chip card, so many institutions, such as banks, "Dual Certificate" (ie the ID card and the chip-based health card) when the user is handled. In fact, in 2003, the Taiwan’s relevant departments have launched documents with chips – such as a natural person voucher of bank card. Users can access personal data systems directly on their own computers through the IC card reader.

However, the natural person’s voucher has been implemented for 15 years, and only about 5.6 million will be issued, and the average number of times each cardholder is only 8 times. "Strictly speaking, natural person vouchers are just an electronic pass for personal access to the data system. Although the security is high, it is too narrow, which does not have the identification function like a ID card.

"Taiwan Information Industry Research Scholars Wang Liheng stare, Taiwan in the Information Technology is also facing a double problem for identifying digitization and personal data protection." To make significant progress, existing management methods may have to make a significant adjustment.

Wang Liheng said.