The 17th China Maritime Day Forum will be held in Kunming, Yunnan July 11

The 17th China Maritime Day Forum will be held in Kunming, Yunnan July 11

People, Beijing, June 24 (by Wang Lian Hong) State Council Information Office held a press conference today to introduce the development and progress in the field of water transport in 2021 China Navigation Day activities preparatory work.

At the meeting, Deputy Mayor Zhang Bin Kunming, Yunnan Province, China Navigation Day 17th Forum will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province July 11, when the "China Navigation Day announcement in 2021," will be released simultaneously.

Zhang Bin said that this year China Maritime Day Forum "to open a new journey navigation, shipping to create a new future" as its theme, to be held one main forum, six sub-forum and a mass cultural activities.

The forum will invite national transport authorities, ports, shipping and logistics companies, industry experts and scholars total of more than 600 guests attended. The main forum will invite Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Shipbuilding Group, China Communications Construction Group, the Seafarers’ Union, some guests Maersk Group and other units keynote speech.

July 10 to 12, Chinese seamen international forums, collaborative governance and development of the sea basin forum, inland shipping high quality development forum, shipping enterprises Development Forum, China International Ship Technology and Safety Forum, Cultural Forum nautical six sub-forum We will open.

Under the strict implementation of the national epidemic prevention and control requirements of the premise, "all the way along the" foreign guests will be invited to participate in activities through online forums. In addition, during the Forum, the region will be held in Kunming Jinning "Young age spectrum sail a new chapter of the Silk Road" – – 2021 Zheng Kunming Cultural Tourism Festival. "Wind and waves · future – Zheng He Stamp Exhibition" in Jinning District Museum (Zheng He Memorial) held, "the hearts of children dedicated to the party song – Jinning area to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China Zheng Cup national tournament singer" Zheng held in the cultural Square.

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