Xu Keping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huai’an First People’s Hospital: focusing on highlighting high-quality high-quality high-quality promotion party history learning education

Xu Keping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huai’an First People’s Hospital: focusing on highlighting high-quality high-quality high-quality promotion party history learning education

Editor’s Press: Huai’an First People’s Hospital (Huai’an First Hospital Affiliated Nanjing Medical University) is a comprehensive hospital such as a large three-level armor, and a hospital with a red gene.

The hospital is predecessor is the new four army battlefield hospital.

The hospital is currently compiled by 2320 beds, 3,000 open beds, and 3362 employees. There are 7 doctoral tutors, 205 masters. Xu Keping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huai’an First People’s Hospital, said that this year, the hospital has strictly implemented in accordance with the central, provincial, municipal unified deployment requirements, and improving the key tasks, highlighting the characteristics of highlights, high-quality high quality and solid promoting party history education.

Strengthening the key to implementing quality of party history education into the brain. Equipatory learning materials. Huai’an City First People’s Hospital Party Committee issued party history education learning materials, all party members and cadres "a notebook for each person’s four books";

The Party Committee of the Academy has carried out the exchange of "learning party history, understanding, doing real things, opening new bureaus" exchange. Carry out a special study discussion, write 34 articles. The party committee actively constructs the party construction target basic management evaluation system, organizes the party construction workshop show and inspect the learning results of party organizations at all levels.

The optional action is characteristic.

Combined with the topic "learning". The party committee organized six series of competition competitions, and two theme publicity activities were held, and the city health system celebrated the 100th anniversary of the party, and the activities accumulated more than 2,000 people in the cadres; combined with holiday activities "Enlink". The Party Committee of the hospital covered more than 3,000 audience objects by combining party history education and theme festival activities; combined with business activities "line".

The party committee of the hospital will carry out key business activities will be used from the intelligence and strength of the party history and the experience of responding to risk challenges to medical reform.

Innovation action is effective.

The party committee of the hospital promoted the 36th annual "carry of entitlement" of the hospital leapfrog development, innovation creating a group of Huimin as the people’s project; innovation creating a batch of hardware projects.

Gather to create a central medical emergency center of the Yangtze River Delta; accelerate the construction progress of the infectious diseases technology; proposed to invest 52 million yuan to build a total construction area of ??about 7000 square meters; new 800 parking spaces; intelligent stereo parking lot; Newly built a branch hospitalization building; innovation creates a batch of software engineering.

Investing 4.5 million online outpan training Panorama appointment system; accelerate residents’ medical "one card"; the WeChat applet is platform, start implementing "Integrated online service terminal" project; innovation creates a batch of business projects. Striving in the disciplines, striving to achieve significant breakthroughs in the construction of national clinical key specialists; to build high-end scientific research platforms, increase foreign exchanges, promote transformation of scientific research results; continuously optimize talents team structure, implement five major talent strategy projects, improve talent introduction and management Issue for the assessment, stimulate the innovation of talents; innovation creates a batch of management projects. In response to the key areas and weak links in the medical quality and safety work, the implementation of the "Lean Action" project "Lean Action" is implemented; the medical group connotation improvement project is implemented, driving high-quality medical resources to the region and the surrounding area.

Strengthening highlights to promote party history learning education and walk deeply and insisted on working on a well-planned deployment. Huai’an First People’s Hospital has developed a detailed "party history and education key work plan", system promotes the education of party history. Adhere to the comprehensive system study. One is the demonstration industry.

The party committee theory study center group has fully carried out partial history education in a variety of forms, highlighting the demonstration leadership, and give full play to the goose effect.

The second is collective research.

All party branches have developed an annual study plan, innovative learning, and let party members take a school class. The third is self-study. Party members in the whole courtyards have developed a personal learning plan to do reading notes, and write a learning experience.

Adhere to the innovative form carrier first. First, open a real class. The party committee organized party members and cadres to go to the revolutionary education base to carry out red education and comprehensive capacity improvement training. The second is to shape advanced typical.

The advanced deeds of medical staff who have silently dedicated to these ordinary positions are imperative.

The third is to build a student platform. Opening up the "Party History Studying Education Column in the Hospital Portal." Adhere to the service of the benefit of the benefit. Organize the "I have a practical thing for the masses" practice activities, and continue to promote the focus "doing practical" projects in detail. The first is to increase the quality of medical quality. The high level promotes the "Building Plateau, the Peak" discipline construction plan, which is expected to invest 100 million special funds to promote major projects.

The second is to optimize the service process.

Promote the construction of smart medical projects, further enhance the level of medical services; steadily promote the construction of one-stop hospitalization service center, and put the discharge service process to the service center construction project, and improve the service efficiency of the hospital.

The third is to improve the medical experience.

Carry out the construction of the "Breeze Action" project, further strengthen hospital management and standardize medical behavior.

The key elements of focusing cadre talents are gathered in the hospital high quality development. The style is solid, and it is a strong force. Forged hard party members, strong "spine". First, in implementing the "three sessions, a lesson" system as a starting point, promoting the standardization of political life within the party.

Second, do a good job in the training of party members and entering the party’s active molecules, and the "entrance" development of party members.

The third is the banner of the Communist Party member, expanding the impact of the model image of outstanding Communist Party members, leading the masses. Create an excellent cadre team and become "bones".

First, the main person in charge of the functional department two times a year.

The second is to implement managers to carry out interest system management of management scientific research activities. The third is the independent research and development of the online function department target management full traceability system, effectively enhances the implementation force and management efficiency of cadres. The fourth is to revise the quantitative assessment plan of the mid-level cadre, formulate the measurement of the functional department for efficiency, explore the combination of quantitative and qualitative combination, and to quantify the comprehensive assessment system. Deep professional talents, live "blood". First, enhance the level of talent education.

More than 5 years, the number of the clinicians, the number of doctors increased by 90% and 325% respectively. The second is to issue the introduction and management of the high-level talents of Huai’an First People’s Hospital, "for the introduction of high-level talents, management work. The third is to create a "Measures for the Administration of Basic Medical Quality Assessment Evaluation".

The multi-dimensional assessment evaluation of the basic medical quality of the academic medical technology department, further strengthens the construction of medical quality. Huai’an First People’s Hospital will firmly grasp the part of the party history and learn the opportunity to further enhance the consciousness of the majority of party members and cadres and staff to serve the people.

"The target is poor, the replenishment is strong, innovative, and carry out", in order to complete the hospital annual work task, open a new bureau, spectrum new articles. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.