The theme of the Water Affairs Bureau of the Fuyang City, the warmth of the party

The theme of the Water Affairs Bureau of the Fuyang City, the warmth of the party

Yellow River News Network Lu Liang News (Zhao Yin) On November 14

Agricultural product belt payment helps the East Warta Village is located in the mountainous area of ??Shizhuang Town at an altitude of more than 1,0 meters. The sunshine is sufficient, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The unique terrain climate conditions have cultivated excellent "Jin Valley No. 21" variety, so that Small rice color golden, rich nutrients. Party members are actively snapped up, they have brought goods. After a while, 120 bags of millet were snapped up. Under the shine in winter, a bag of golden millet refers to the hope of rural revitalization. Winter clothes donated warm people’s heart party members to actively respond to the call of the party group "donating winter clothes to send warmth", carefully collected, organized and packaged, and donated the sweaters, trousers, down jackets such as home.

In the donation site, more than 60 packs of winter clothes are full of 8 big bags, and they are all in the village community, and everyone helps villagers choose the right clothes and help the villagers try on, and they will send them warmth.

The house house cleansing the party members also came to the home of the disabled elderly to Tian Jinlan and Gao Zhiwen, and cleaned the courtyard and organized the room. In the hospital, the male comrades took the broom, the shovel and other labor tools cleaned garbage, eradicated weeds; in the house, the female comrades wiped glass and organized furniture.

It also paved a new mattress and re-laying the walls in the house. After a morning, the two households have a new, and the old man’s face reveals a happy smile. The theme party day activities have strengthened the links between the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau and the Baobao Zhibun, everyone fully exchanged sharing experience on the revitalization, agricultural product processing; Party members and cadres, through personal labor, the important significance of rural revitalization. Everyone said that in the future, we will continue to play the pioneer model of party members, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and use truthfully to help rural revitalization. [Edit: Hao Ni].