Zhongning: Accelerate the construction of green ecological barrier construction

Zhongning: Accelerate the construction of green ecological barrier construction

People’s Network Yinchuan On November 5th, since this year, Zhongning County adheres to plan to lead the ecological industry, the implementation of the Ecological Protection and High Quality Development of the Standard Autonomous Region ", the Sino-Division Committee" a two-gallery "space planning layout, combination "14th Five-Year Plan" has prepared the "Green Ecological Industry Development Plan" in Zhongning County (Draft for Comment), as a program for the development of the county’s ecological industry, strive to complete the ecological repair area of ??520,000 mu, "145" Among them, 300,000 mu of artificial afforestation, 60 million trees, and forest coverage reached 14%.

It is understood that Zhongning County adheres to the green bottom-up ecological industry, rounding the rural, urban, park, institutions institutions greening and mine ecological restoration, and has made an underwriting of urban and rural parks, vacant homestrooms and mountain wasteland, etc. Mingchun cream greening solution.

This fall, plans to plant all kinds of seedlings, with a green area of ??3,523 mu. As the hometown of 枸杞, China Ning County uses the leading industry of developing the ecological industry, incorporating the ecological protection and high-quality developmental regional implementation plan for the construction of the Yellow River Basin, and has formulated the long-term planning of the high-quality development of Zhongning County. 2021-12035) "" The "14th Five-Year Plan" of the High Quality Development of Zhongning County "" 14th Five-Year Plan "," Promoting the High Quality Development Arrangement of 枸杞 Industries in Zhongning County. " At the same time, grab the opportunity of the China Ning International Juari Trading Center to receive the agricultural rural department and the people’s government to build a state-level Zhongning market, prepare the implementation plan of "National Central Zhongning Market Construction Project", and drive the core radiation The 枸杞 industry has greatly improved and promoted the development of ecological construction. Strive to "fourteen five", add more than 200,000 mu of planting area.

In adhering to pollution prevention and control of the ecological industry, Zhongning County accelerates the establishment of a long-term mechanism for pollution prevention and control, and realizes the comprehensive development of well-off society pollution and control, and promotes the steadyness of the ecological environment. Implement "coal change" "coal to gas" double alternative and township cleaning coal distribution center project, accelerate the construction progress of thermal coated centralized heating projects.

Strive for special funds for the rural life sewage treatment project of the autonomous region, 2.2.26 million yuan, implementing 15 rural living sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network construction projects such as the Town of Hongbao Village, Ning’an Town, and further enhance the centralized collection rate of urban and rural sewage And integrated utilization. Next, Zhongning County will continue to implement the deployment requirements of the "Three General Assembly War" of Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee, through increasing policy propaganda, infrastructure construction and project planning efforts, further accelerating the development of ecological industries, improve the quality of ecological environment, and strive to build a sky blue The green water is clear, ecological is livable to the beautiful new Central Ning.

(Zhao Mo, Ma Fang) (Editor: Zhao Mo, Tolerance).