Yuexi Yellow Sail: "Four One" to create a "small special" party building brand

Yuexi Yellow Sail: "Four One" to create a "small special" party building brand

The party committee of Huangai Town, Yuexi County, established the "Rainbow" Farmhouse Cultural Tourism Association Party Branch,) to build a strong fortress.

The Party Branch of the Rainbow of the Rainbow Culture and Tourism Association was approved by the Town Party Committee on April 18, 2013. The branch has 14 people, 3 teams, and the development of farmhouse has developed well, and the leadership of strong driving ability. Team. The Party Branch of the Farmhouse Cultural Tourism Association actively develops to build a joint construction and the second part of the county market branch, and at the same time, Party Members and association members will visit the field to visit and study, improve party membership, and improve party members farmhouse management level. . Normalization launches "three sessions and one lesson", civilized tourism and party volunteer service activities, organizing party members to participate in charity fundraising, epidemic prevention and control, support, enthusiastic public welfare undertakings, drive the development of the masses, showing the good image of party members, "Rainbow Covenant" Become a golden signboard that consumers have trusted.

Concentrate a group of service partners. "Rainbow Covenant" Farmhouse Association members have developed from 32 days from the beginning of the establishment to more than 120 years, including 6 four-star farmhouse, 16 three-star farmhouse, 18 Huizu Nongjiale (including a national gold farmhouse 12, 12 "Yuexi people" farm demonstration households, more than 10,000 reception capacity, annual comprehensive income of 25 million yuan, indirectly drive more than 2,500 employment.

Show a batch of service brands. Encourage the branch party members, especially the branch team lead, normalize the party members "bright identity, bright post-duty, and promise" activities. In order to develop trend and market demand, take the lead in innovation and improvement, "bright" project content, price code and supervision calls, lead the development of farmhouse, lead Huangai Town, farmhouse, from simple catering accommodation to research a city Experience service.

Cultivate some exemplary examples. While comprehensively improve the quality of service, focus on cultivating a batch of farmhouse associations leaders and play a demonstration leading role.

Such as the mountains and dizziness, the husband and wife, the couple, actively striving for the provincial, municipal, county women’s team project support, built a game of online red swing, colorful slide around the farmhouse, expanding the farm experience area, promoting farmhouse from simple catering The service to the development of the research amusement integrated experience also has driven 20 people in the surrounding masses.

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